Welcome to

Mother Earth


It's time to connect to that Sacred space within you

where anything

that ails you can be healed by the light of your being.

Mother Earth Bodywork

How you feel,
How you heal,
How you respond,
How you react,
How you act,

It’s all in your hands.

And with the help of mine, we will guide each other through the fruitful darkness and illuminate the path of light.

Holistic Massage Therapy

The key to my practice of therapy is to listen to what a client's muscles, emotional being and energetic body reveals. This allows me to connect with my client and choose which modalities to infuse into the session to elicit physical relief that penetrates into the deeper layers of being.

"I have had my fair share of massages and the massage I had this evening was by far the most outstanding, relaxing, tension relieving massage I've ever had. Kelly is so in tune with what your body needs. I don't live anywhere close but just happened to be in the area this weekend. I will without a doubt travel the hour + that it will take me to get here from my house the next time I need a massage."

~ Danielle W.

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