I'm so blessed you are here...

Hello, I am Kelly Kinney. I trained professionally at Health Choices Holistic Institute in 2004. The focus of my training was connecting, not only to oneself and the client, but to the Universal Energies of Healing.


Mindfulness is at the core of my technique and sets me apart from other bodyworkers.  This focus creates an intuitive approach of listening to what the clients muscles, emotional and energetic body reveals, allowing me to connect and pull specific modalities to use in each individual session to bring physical relief that penetrates into the deeper layers of being.


My goal is that my clients leave with a relaxed release of any tension and a renewed sense of balance and vitality.


Let my pair of highly-attuned and extensively-trained hands massage out the knots and energetic blocks.  

Our hands are extensions of our hearts.

Both my Hands and Heart are of service to your Magnificent and Beautiful Body and Soul.


Open, Dear One, and allow your life force

to heal all that ails.

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